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Currently the reoffending rate of young people who leave custody in Victoria is over 50%. However, for young people who take part in the Bridge Project, this rate drops to just 3%.

This reduction has the potential to save the Victorian Government $2.8 million per year.

Reoffending rate of young people in Victoria0%
Reoffending rate of Bridge participants0%

young people who have completed work skills and Vocational preparation since 2006


young people placed into meaningful work since 2006


young people employed by YMCA ReBuild since 2006

From humble beginnings to the present day, the Bridge Project has continued to grow and make its mark on young people coming through the judicial system over the last ten years.

By providing support, training, and employment opportunities, the Bridge Project gives young people that have been through the judicial system the opportunity to work towards a brighter future for themselves.

The Bridge Project started operations with just three staff working across two youth detention centres, Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre and Melbourne Youth Justice Centre in Parkville, as well as across several Department of Human Services locations.

Now with 23 permanent staff members, the Bridge Project delivers education and training in three prisons, Marngoneet Correctional Centre, Barwon Prison and Metropolitan Remand Centre, as well as 44 other locations state-wide each year.

Over the Bridge Project’s ten year history, the amount of young people placed into employment per year has almost tripled, from 24 young people in 2006 to 60 this year so far.

At the 10 Year Anniversary Dinner, we aim to create 50 new job opportunities.

The Bridge Project wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful if it wasn’t for those that have offered employment in the past, as well as those that have donated to the cause.

The donations the Bridge Project receives keep the project alive, and the jobs given to the Bridge Project’s young people are life-changing.

We therefore ask you to come prepared to give. Whether you buy a raffle ticket, make a donation, or offer a job, you are making a difference to a young person’s life.

You can be their answer.

Behind each face is a story. Our 10 Year Anniversary Dinner is a chance to take a look back on the last ten years of the YMCA Bridge Project and celebrate the young people whose stories have changed.

While each story is different, the common thread in their stories is their determination to do better. At the Ten Year Anniversary Dinner we will also look to the future of the Bridge Project and the positive impact we plan to continue to make on young people’s lives.

The information provided below gives an insight into just some of the positive impacts the Bridge Project has created.